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  1. Bouba

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    Hello Berner lovers,

    the white fur parts on my Bouba became rusty with the chain on his collar.Could any one help me on finding the whitening shampoo to get rid of that rusty colour and give back his beautiful white fur color to my Bouba?
    Many thanks in advance for your much needed advices.
    Best, Marie
  2. quinnsammi

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    Hope this helps. I was on you tube looking a grooming tips and came across a BMD getting ready for a show. It was fascinating what goes into a show dog, but there was a white chalk that they used on the white.

    Do a search on you tube for BMD grooming or even try Bernese Mountain Dog cleaning fur. I am sure you will find it and what was used.
  3. Cleo

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    First, I have to say... quinnsammi, you profile picture is adorable. <3

    To answer the question about rusty white parts.... I think this is normal. My little one had it bad when we first got her, and so did her litter mates. But now it's white with only a little rust color under the chin. The funny thing is we use a harness, so in our case, is not the collar.

    These are both old pictures. ( see attached)

    P.S. I bathe my dog every 2 weeks which is more than recommended.
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  4. LuvmyBerner

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    Good morning. A good shampoo should help with the staining but otherwise it is just a matter of letting it grow out. The white chalk used at shows is very temporary...will rub off within a day.

    What type of collar are you using? On that note..does your pup need to wear a collar all the time? Our girl only wears a collar for walks, as soon as we walk in the house/yard..collar comes off. Reason for this is one, the collar will break off hairs around their neck and make a noticeable ring, also it is a safety issue. Even though our berners do their best to be with us literally every second of the day (huge, when they are "on their own", a collar can be a safety issue if it gets caught up something. The doggy daycare/kennel we occasionally take her to will not allow collars on dogs while at the facility for that reason (collars getting caught while dogs are playing with one another,etc).

    If your pup does need to wear a collar at all times..try to get a soft leather one or rounded rope style with a quick release system. The regular nylon ones are really hard one your berner's ruff around the neck. If your pup is able to go collar free while at home, best to use a choke style collar for walks, the chain will not break off any hairs and is good for correction but of course never leave a dog with a choke collar on unattended.
    Good luck!
  5. Cleo

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    Good Answer @LuvmyBerner!!!

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