Salmon or Chicken, Beef and Rice in Dog Food

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by Dormercam, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Dormercam

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    We have adopted a four yr old Berner and he has had quite a few bouts with skin allergies and hot spots. We are searching for a healthy alternative to giving him predisone every three months at the vet and looking for a cure to his allergies not a patch.
    I want to wean him off traditional dog food and on to a gluten free diet with protein. Our neighbor has a Newfie who has had similar issues and was recommended a homemade gluten free diet of quinoa or rice with salmon and vegetables? It worked great for the Newfie. Fish was historically a staple food for Newfs on ships but not so much for Berners in the mountains.
    Any feedback and whether salmon would make a good alternative to chicken or beef to make my own dog food or does anyone have a better recipe to recommend as an alternative to minimize skin allergies?
  2. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    Sure....worth a try and many Berners with cancer have been on strictly fish diets for the omega 3s.....

  3. dogspotindia

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    Burese healthy diet

    ya it's quite enough for the Bernese diet. its great to mix all that thing in his diet. but how much amount is Sufficient for the healthy diet, do you know about this?

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