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    I have my first Berner puppy, now 8 months old. We live in the UK so have a temperate climate & our Berner is our only dog.
    I was just wondering how much variation there is between Berner bitches & their first season & when I might expect her first one. I know what to look out for physically, but are there any other signals I could watch out for (someone suggested she may start sleeping a lot more) other than spotting and swelling? Thank you.
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    Oh Boy, Good Luck

    I can't make up my mind if it is easier on the owner of a male or a female. Have lots of patience and keep a close eye on her. Being young it may not be the best time to breed her and she will be more ready than you are.

    They will spot blood and look for the boys. This is a standard. After that they have individual things that they will do. They might hump other dogs or people. Licking everything in sight including the carpet. Waving their tail in the face of a potential mate. Sometimes the appetite drops off.

    Ah then there are the boys. Fighting, sniffing, licking, humping and failure to eat.

    May I suggest finding a secluded place where you can take them for long walks. I like to take them to the forest and go for a three or five mile trek. We all come home a bit tired and a great deal of energy has been expended in a more useful manner.
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    Beware of boys, 8 month is not the good time for matting. After 16 month you can think about matting and when your girl is on heat she sleeps more than normal days she is licking and the blood spot you will see.
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    Our Berner went into heat at 15 months. Sabrina didn't have any signals other than the spotting appearing one day, followed by the increasing desire to find a companion :) I kept thinking that she had swelling and then she DID have swelling. It is very noticeable! All in all, the heat lasted a few weeks and there were only a few days where you could tell she was uncomfortable. Probably the biggest challenge was getting her to not pull off her velcro panties and tear apart the pads. That was more a function of puppy boredom as opposed to anything heat related though.:rolleyes:

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