Sensitive Stomach - Just Puppy Stuff?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by Dayna, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Dayna

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    Hello - we have an almost-5-month-old Berner puppy named Sammy. When we brought him home, we quickly found out he unfortunately had giardia, an intenstinal parasite. Looks like some of the other puppies from that litter did too... After a few rounds of antibiotics, constant cleaning and washing to ensure none of the parasite was on the surfaces of anything, he was given an all-clear!

    Up to that point, he had a very sensitive stomach and his stool was very inconsistent (mostly overly soft). He started getting very soft stools so we took a sample in just to make sure the giardia wasn't back but the vet did the tests and he was clear of any parasites or any other issues. Other than his soft stool, the vet was very happy with his physiology, temperament, look and behaviour!

    We were sent home with TLC brand from the breeder but switched him to Science Diet Healthy Advantage Large Breed Puppy per the recommendation of our vet. He did well on that for a while which was great but then the company did an "ingredient upgrade" (still couldn't get specifics on that - the kibble looked and smelled different and we confirmed by opening other bags that it was a new type, not spoiled or anything) and it was back to square one with the very soft stools.

    He was starting to have diarrhea so we started giving him rice and boiled meat for a while which helped then very, very slowly weaned him back onto the kibble. Back to soft... So we did it again but this time weaned him very slowly back onto the TLC brand.

    I did some research on the TLC brand and a lot of what I found was positive, it's AAFCO approved, and it's quite affordable. They're able to deliver to my house within 2 days of ordering.

    His stools have been getting a bit better but aren't consistently firm. Less of a "soft serve" now but not where we would like it to be.

    I've heard from some friends who have Berners say "oh yeah, the puppy poos... they'll get better". Is this true? Has anyone else had this experience where eventually, upon maturity, the stool did become firmer?

    I should mention we do give our guy 1-2 tbsp of pumpkin puree (not the pie filling) each day to help with his tummy. Sometimes he gets plain yogurt or cottage cheese as a treat but certainly not every day.

  2. Flying_Bear

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    Sorry to hear about your puppy! We experienced the same thing but from the sounds probably not as bad. We had issues when we switch to BB Freedom with one, him not particularly enjoying the food and two, runny stool. It was always off and on though so we figured we'd switch his food and see.

    We researched Fromms which had good reviews, the right protein percentage we wanted, and probiotics. After the transition we haven't had any issues and he loves his food. Obviously every dog is different but it really worked out for us. We still supplement his food with some salmon oil and on the weekends an egg or two.
  3. Lindsey

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    We had similar issues with our Berner puppy for about 5 months--giardia, loose stools, etc. After clearing up the giardia and getting her food on track, we decided to put her on a daily probiotic capsule. It has helped tremendously! We use the brand Synbiotic D-C which I buy from our vet.

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