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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by Angellica18, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Angellica18

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    Hi there, I am hoping to get some advice on what to feed my BMD. She is eight months and we currently have her on Natures Domain salmon and sweet potato formula.

    After months of treatment for giardia she has been given a clean bill of health but still has mushy poop and is throwing up on occasion. Our vet is recommending their hypoallergenic formula but at $125.00 a bag it is just not feasible.

    We would like to keep her on a kibble diet as we have two other dogs.

    Any suggestions?
  2. bernermom

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    WOW! 125.00 a bag??? That is a bit steep. We have Emma on Buffalo Blue grain free. She has only been on it for a few months. She has so many allergies we wanted to try the grain free and it seems to be helping. Guess that doesn't help you though. Surely your vet could recommend something else for you. They have to realize that as much as you love your baby, that your dog shouldn't eat better that you do ! lol
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    Wow! I was reading your post and thinking did I post and forget that I posted. Our story is the EXACT same story (minus the throwing up). We are currently feeding FROMM large breed puppy to our 8 month old girl. She tolerates it ok but it's rare to go more than two weeks without diarrhea. Our GI vet specialist is insistent that we switch to Rayne sensitive GI limited ingredient - it's $70/bag and she would need 7 cups a day to full fill her growth requirements ... a bag would only last 9 days at that rate! I've decided it's not feasible.

    We've also had our own regular vet tell us that switching her to a limited ingredient diet this young is the worst thing we can do and that we need a food specific for large breed growth only (not just a maintenance diet fed in larger quantities like the Rayne).

    Our breeder tells us he has many clients that swear by feeding raw to their berners (as do they). But both vets say feeding raw is a terrible idea and that it can jeopardize her growth and cause a whole other host of issues.

    Anyways this isn't really a "solution" post but it's more a "your not the only one dealing with this" post. We haven't decided whose advice/recommendations to go with. Everyone has an opinion and they are all different!
  4. jilleen

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    MY dog needed pro and prebiotics

    Hi, My dog has had belly issues and I found a food online that had pro and prebiotics, plus ginger for her tummy. Its called TLC Pet food and we could not be more impressed. The difference in her stool and energy was sudden and fantastic. I think it is only sold online and mine was delivered for free. I hope that helps!
  5. Angellica18

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    Thanks you for the feedback.

    Thank you for your responses. It appear that many Berner owners face these problems. We have switched our baby girl to a salmon and oatmeal formula and we have seen a huge improvement over the past two weeks.

    Vets seem to focus on the meat source only but it appears that our little one actually has an intolerance to potatoes.

    I have my fingers crossed that we don't have any set backs!

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