Sensitive to Lamb?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Food Forum' started by JettaBean, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Have anyone else had a problem with their Berner being sensitive to lamb? I had my 15 week old puppy on Acana Lamb and Apple, but we've been having some digestive issues. When she eats she gets soft bowel movements (the cow patty consistency) and when she has no food in her body (early in the morning, or late at night after feeding) she has a hard, normal bowel movement. The vet gave us more fortiflora to try to clear it up again, and if that doesn't work we're on to fecal screening. I know Berners generally have sensitive tummies, but it's just getting frustrating because I want to make sure she's feeling the best possible. We are in the process of switching her to Acana Large Breed Puppy which is a chicken protein, but we're still mixing the Acana Lamb and Apple in with it to get her used to it, so we're not intently sure it's been working or not because she's still pooping. Just curious is anyone had a problem similar?
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    We had a similar problem with our berner when he was about 8 months old. He had been eating Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy (which is a lamb formula) for about a month without any issues. Upon purchasing a new bag, he became very ill with constant diarrhea. The vet said there was nothing wrong so I assumed it was the food. He may have developed a sensitivity. Was it the new bag or the lamb itself that was causing the issues? I will never know. Since switching to Nutro Natural Choice chicken and rice for large breed puppies he has been 100% better. I have recently been mixing in digestive enzymes and giving him probiotics to help strengthen his system and it has made even more of a difference. If you haven't tried the enzymes and/or probiotics yet I would definitely recommend it! It has worked wonders for our boy. Hope this helps!

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