Should I regret cutting puppy fur?!

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  1. jberm007

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    Hi everyone! I am a new member and I currently have a male berner named Cootie thats almost 9 months:)

    Growing up, I owned a cocker spaniel. His fur on his head always got really long and curly and I would also trim it for him so he wouldn't look like a clown lol well fast forward to a few days ago, I looked at my berner and thought that the hair on top and behind his ears looked too long and thought that it might be uncomfortable for him. I'm not sure why, but I decided to trim the hair. I cut about maybe 1 or 2 inches off his head. I then realized that this hair could be puppy fur and that it would never grow back the same fluffy goodness that it was before. I started to panic because I'm a very nostalgic person and I wanted him to have his puppy hair on his head for as long as possible! FYI he has his adult fur everywhere else. So I decided to call a groomer to ask them if they knew anything about this. The lady told me that it most likely wont grow back because it is puppy fur but she said that if he is neutered (which he is) it actually might grow back as puppy fur. Im so worried! I want is fluff back:( Has anyone had any experience with this? If so, did it grow back the same fluffiness? Was he/she neutered? How long does a berner's hair take to grow back?

    I posted pictures of the before & After

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  2. k1cart

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    I wouldn't worry much!

    The hair will grow back. It may not be the crazy fluffy puppy hair but it will grow back. I think we all wish they could keep that fluffy puppy fur forever. =)

    I've had to cut matted hair or things that get tangled in the hair on my dog's ears before and the hair always comes back just the same.

    I've also had to cut my Berner's fur in other places too because he always finds burrs or other things to tangle in his fur when we are in the woods and it always comes back the same.

    Hope this helps a bit!
  3. CharlieBern

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    My boy held onto the puppy fur below his ears the longest. At maybe7-8 months I started paying extra attention to that area with the undercoat rake, and it eventually all brushed out. Don't worry about can always get another puppy to re-live the glorious puppy fur! :)
  4. konabeardog

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    Kona is almost 2.5years, and I take her to the groomers every 8months or so to get a bath & trim (butt hair area, under the belly, and around her ears). She ALWAYS come back super fluffy and feels just like a puppy (she was groomed 2weeks before Christmas and she is still super soft and fluffy). It lasts a couple a months and it feels like were stuck in the puppy fur stage. I love it!
  5. dogspotindia

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    Their is no need of worry, the hair will grow back.
    Use supplements, such as omega-3 and omega-6, to your pet’s diet. These supplements reduce inflammation of the skin, resulting in healthy, longer hair.
    Wash your berner in an oatmeal shampoo once a week. This shampoo, created for skin and coat, removes bacteria and dirt that hinders hair growth.
  6. BummersNose

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    When we got Bummer, he's chest coat seemed have less coat, because of scratching and allergy. It only takes a few months and the coat there almost in the same pattern with the rest of his body.

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