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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by stitch413, May 5, 2011.

  1. stitch413

    stitch413 New Member

    I remember when i was looking for a good berner forum it took ages to find this one.

    Maybe a facebook page, twitter page etc would bring in more users - and more frequently updated content, they could be linked to this site and updated by RSS feeds (update the site=automatically updated facebook= automatically updated twitter etc)

    just my opinion!:D
  2. MrBrian12

    MrBrian12 New Member

    I agree it would be pretty cool to have another page to tie this together. We all could see more pics of the doggies too! :D
  3. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    You are right ! Excellent idea. I will "try" and do that this weekend. I am not the most savvy computer person....but I do know my way around Face If I can't get it figured out, I am sure my husband can.:)
  4. Liza

    Liza New Member

    Oh great:rolleyes: i can't navigate facebook AT ALL:eek:
  5. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    OK... four months later...and BernerTalk finally has a Facebook page!:D We don't have a "like" button yet, so in the is the link

    Bernertalk | Facebook

    So start putting your furry friends up there !:)
  6. Begabone

    Begabone New Member

    Thanks for doing this! I am a new Berner mom and was looking on facebook for a Bernes Mountain Dog page to join and couldn't find one in English :) lol
  7. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    It doesnt seem to get any traffic..:eek: Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Begabone

    Begabone New Member

    Can the name be changed to something with Bernese Mountain Dog in it? Because that's what I had searched for and didn't find anything except one in a different language. It could still be Bernertalk just with the full name of the breed too. Just my opinion as I'm a newbie searching for info and support on the breed.
  9. scodutch

    scodutch Member

    berner walk

    Hi there,
    I just came upon some info about a berner walk that is happening February 11 in Uxbridge.

    Sounds like fun and I thought I post some info just incase anyone would be interested.

    it starts at 10.30 am. At the Durham Regional Forest in Uxbridge.

    for more info. you can contact Bob and Irene Hume

    Will be fun to meet other berners, alway's love seeing bernie with other berners (-:
  10. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    I like the facebook page! I can actually upload pictures off my phone! Lol
  11. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Good ! I really need to get some traffic going on that page, just not really sure how.. ???? I think there is something like 35 people on there ...:eek:
  12. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    I know that the more pictures posted the more fb friends see it. Because i posted 2 of Cali and my friends messaged and asked what bernertalk was. Lol i am trying to get my friend to join.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2012
  13. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Why can't I see her pictures on there??? Is it because you and I are not friends on FB?? I would think I would be able to see anything that anyone puts up there?? Maybe I have HIDDEN myself from my page lol
  14. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    Hmmm im not quite sure. I can see them though haha
  15. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    I figured it out. At the top left hand corner it says "all" and "bernertalk" you have to click "all" to see what people posted
  16. Qubelight

    Qubelight New Member

    Maybe I'm just a wee bit stupid but I am unable to see your photos of Cali either! And I can't find the 'all' button either!

    I swear I'm not normally this bad with technology lol.
  17. BMD61612

    BMD61612 New Member

    "The mysterious ALL button"

    Where is the all button on there? I looked high and low for it on the Bernertalk Facebook page but it's nowhere to be found. :confused:
  18. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    LOL At least it's not just me ! I am already feeling better about it:) So Cali'smom19, I "think" it is one of two things..... Check to see if you have your settings to only show your pics to your friends.... or .....are you sure you are on the same Bernertalk FB page that we are????What is your username on FB? If it is the same, I don't even see that??? We will figure this out eventually ! hahaha
  19. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    I am almost positive its the same because i saw pictures of Your reilly and i also saw pictures of storm tobaggoning. Haha ill look at it. Idk if the all button is only an option on my phone or what but that is what i clicked and everyones posts popped up
  20. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    Oh and my fb name is my actual name haha Juley Beeler

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