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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by stitch413, May 5, 2011.

  1. Qubelight

    Qubelight New Member

    mmm... well I just think I posted a picture of Bree... can anyone see that?

    I'm using a laptop and not my phone, I wonder if that is one of the differences between Facebook for phones vs laptops?
  2. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    I see! Got on my laptop and its there off to the right with an attachment link right under bree's pic
  3. Qubelight

    Qubelight New Member

    Your picture is under Bree's? How strange because I can't see it I can only see Bree! Maybe it is your photo privacy settings?

    Bernermum can you see a pic of Cali?
  4. Cali'smom19

    Cali'smom19 New Member

    Do you see the ones just posted? Bernermom confirmed seeing the other ones, but im confused as to why you can't lol i see bree and i see cali haha
  5. Qubelight

    Qubelight New Member

    I can see them now!! Yay!!
  6. BernerMax

    BernerMax New Member

    Ideas to increase traffic?

    are you talking about the Facebook page (I do not Face Book, or Twitter actually)-- I would Love a more active Forum though as am chatty.... and have a young Berner and am just getting to know this breed (wow so much more then the big cuddly bear that drew me in)!
  7. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    This was about the Facebook page,,,,no traffic at all.:eek:
  8. BernerMax

    BernerMax New Member


    call me old school, I am scared of Facebook...
    Hmmm I can ask around to my FB addicted friends if thats any help? Maybe they could all Like the Page? Is that how it works?...
    Could you post the Link?

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