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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming Forum' started by stacekat, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. stacekat

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    My berner puppy is now 9 months old and no matter what I try she will not stand, sit, or lay still for even a minute of brushing. I've tried treats, I've tried waiting until she's tired, we've been doing short bursts of brushing ever since she was 10 weeks old.

    Nothing seems to work. She immediately tries to bite the brush, mouth our hands, spin in place to see what's going on. She won't try to get away, per se. She still sticks around after we release her. It just seems like one big game or something to her. It's making brushing out that fur very trying. And since we have many more years of intensive brushing ahead of us, I'd like to get this figured out.

    Anyone have any tips for training a puppy to stand, sit or lay down nicely for brushing?
  2. Cleo

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    Good Question!

    What do groomer have that we don't have, besides lot's of experience? A grooming table. All the groomers use a neck strap so the dog cannot nip them or even turn their heads. I often think this is not a bad idea.

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    For me, before I get frustrated. I just stop and wait for a time when she is tired and relaxed, then I resume a little at a time and treat her and reward with a kind voice.

    Sometimes when I trim her nails, and trim the hair between her toes, I can only do one paw at a time. :(

    I am curious to see what others write.
  3. LuvmyBerner

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    I agree with getting a grooming table..our girl loves the table..we have to put a stool on it when we aren't using it so she doesnt jump on it. You don't necessarily need the neck tie but until you pup gets used to will need two people. even if you don't use a table..make sure you have another person on hand. Keep a short lead on your pup and have your partner hold it and offer a treat that your pup has too work on getting at (use the method where the person holds a larger treat, like a cheese string, in their hand but keep 95% of it covered in palm and allow your pup to nibble the end.) This should keep them occupied while you groom. If your pup starts to fidget, use your code word such as "stand still" and once she/he settles offer the treat again. Of course keep the sessions short, may only get a few "swipes" in with the brush initially but berners are smart and will learn quickly. Good luck!
  4. Cleo

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    Great news! Can you send me a link to the table you bought?

  5. LuvmyBerner

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    I don't have a link for the table...our breeder gave it to us to use. It is just a folding table (metal legs with thick plastic top) kind of like you would get from a costco but smaller dimension. Just cover it with a towel.
  6. summersnowbr

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    I was just reading this thread and thinking yes everyone would love to have grooming table. What I do with Sierra when it is time to brush her is I whisper in her ear that she is such a good girl for staying still. And how beautiful she looks while I brush her. She must love hearing that because she will stand or lie down for me the whole time. Or does those soft spoken words hypnotize her and make her fall asleep.;)
  7. Amy H

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    I groom my Maltese, infrequently, and I use a homemade table with neckstrap but what works best with her is my use of "GOOD GIRL" and frequent breaks. She may not care for grooming Sessions but she loves the results! My Berner loves to groomed. We've done it since the day we brought him home.
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