To neuter now or to anaesthetize again later

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marynan, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Marynan

    Marynan New Member

    My 6 month old pup needs an x-ray to determine if his 2 month long limp is genetic/arthritic or muscular.

    The question is if I should get him snipped at the same time to save him from going under twice in a year. We were going to wait until he was a year old and fully mature until going under the knife because of the research regarding large breed dogs and the importance of sexual hormones in their overall growth. However dogs have been getting neutered at 6 months consistently for years and the risks of being drugged twice in such a short amount of time could be greater than the potential gains of waiting.
  2. TooHokies

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    We were recently faced with the same question, as Renzo had a foreign object removal and endoscopy which he was under for. Our vet talked to a large breed specialist who actually recommended that because of his breed, we wait to get him neutered- even if we had to have surgery to remove the object.
    Hope this helps. I'f you've already consulted with your vet, maybe ask the surgeon?

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