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  1. Klexi

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    This is my first Berner also first female dog ever.

    I've had a German Shepherd and a Boxer before.

    After months of research for our next breed the Bernese seemed to be the perfect match. And it is.

    We wanted less of a guard dog but definitely a watchdog.

    Now, this said keeping in mind that Lexi is only 4.5 months old I see Absolutely NO WAY this lovely pup will have any watchdog in her. She loves everyone soooo much. Like way too much. She thinks everyone is her very best friend in the world. And she pees (over excited) every single time she sees someone, anyone.

    When we have visitors over it's actually kind of sad for us to see her following the visitors around and laying beside the visitors instead of us.

    I am new to the breed.

    I would like to know WHEN and IF the watchdog instinct will kick in! Does it make a difference that she is a female?
    Thanks for ANY info.
  2. Momaire

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    Hi Klexi,
    Berners are naturally sweet and slow to mature. Lexi will probably never be a watchdog in the sense that she will aggressively confront someone who enters your property. I think of Berners as more of "alert" dogs. Mine will bark when anyone passes by outside and races to the door whenever someone knocks. She always seems to know what is going on at her property and she makes sure to tell us about it. That's fine with me, she is big, and intimidating to any one who doesn't know her, so she serves as a deterrent to strangers. At the same time, I never have to worry about her hurting someone. At 41/2 months my Berner wouldn't have barked at a strange person, another dog or wildlife. Instead, she would freeze and wait for signs of a friendly approach. At the time I thought she was a bit shy now I realize she was just being smart. As an adult she is friendly and outgoing but she is definitely "my dog." And yes, she loves to cuddle. Don't worry that comes later with some Berners.
  3. Klexi

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    Thanks Momaire for sharing your experience. Thats all I want, a dog who is alert when I talk about watchdog. I am happy she is friendly to strangers but would like her to grow up to like strangers just as much but without the whole booty shaking and peeing scene lol
    I know she is still a young pup and gets over excited easily but I really would like her to alert me when needed when she's older. I also hope she will stand more by OUR side when we have visitors over.
    I did do months of research on the breed making sure I wouldn't have the fear of someone getting hurt like the fear I had in the past.
    I thank you for the very informative reply.
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  4. Klexi

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    Lol her watchdog abilities are starting to show she warns me when something is different. I can see her thinking and watching what is going on. Like the otherday she barked at the back window not going overboard she sat there and barked twice so I went to see and a couple of men were working on my neighbors fence. I told her it was ok so she kust got used to them but calmely watching them work. This breed keeps amazing me every day!
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  5. summersnowbr

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    Sierra has two ways she lets us know there is something going on outside. If she sees people or dogs that she is familiar with she does a weird blow air sound. Its not a bark just sounds like she is blowing air out. If she see someone that she is not familiar with she does a bark. That is when I look out the window to see what she is looking at. She too loves the guest when they come and gets depressed when they leave she wont eat for the rest of the day. She thinks everyone that comes over is coming to play with her.

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