Way too easy of a puppy!?!?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog General Discussion' started by Klexi, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    I am a Brand new Berner mom.
    And this puppy thing is going all too well.
    The vet said that she is just fine and that we shouldn't compare with the German Shepherd
    (which passed away 6 months ago)
    Lexi now 12 weeks (our female Bernese) is what my kids call ''The most boring puppy ever!'' lol
    She is like a new carpet in our home.
    She does get into play mood for 5 to 10 minutes and then she's done.
    She does nip at times but I leave the room and when I come back she got it!
    The only problem we have is: when we have to take her outside before we go to bed she JUST WILL NOT MOVE. It takes about 30 minutes to get her outside and back in and upstairs to sleep.
    She just will not move. She will get up, take a step and lie down again looking at us with her gorgeous little ''go on, try to make me move'' face.
    Please note that she is healthy, gets training and loves to play tug. we will soon be starting to go on walks. She respects rules of the house except that come command which she seems to literally choose to ignore.
    In the yard she just lays there and watches me chase the ball I threw:confused:
    I know berners aren't fetchers but come on I've never had a puppy lazier than I am.lol
    How were your puppies, what do you think and what would you do to make her come out for her last pee? Are berner puppies so easygoing and lazy?
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  2. EnzoTheBMD

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    I had the same problem around the 10 week mark. I was worried and didn't know what to do. My guess is all Berners grow at different times. Think of how much they grow in a few short weeks. She's just resting and trying to keep up. She's probably hurting.

    I'm at 12 weeks now. He's a maniac and won't stop biting no matter what we do. I throw the ball. He runs for it and then sits down and does his thing. Gnawing....

    It takes time I would say. Mines personality has changed from lethargic to energetic in two weeks. We're just trying to get the cuddling and not distancing himself from us when we're watching TV.
  3. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    Thank you for your response.
    It's reassuring to hear that she's not the only one.
    I love her soooo much she is truly amazing.
    She is coming out of her shell a little more.

    Your puppy is amazingly beautiful.

    Thank you very very much for responding to my post.
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  4. Reenie

    Reenie New Member

    Both of our Berners were really lazy puppies. We have a golden as well, who was such a terror as a puppy that she was nick named "devil dog". Our current Berner has been a dream puppy by comparison! That being said, I'd make sure your pup doesn't have a parasite...that can cause them to be lethargic.

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