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    We are having major issues with trying to housebreak Maggie, she is 13 weeks. I know she gets it because she will paw/bark at the door when she wants to go out. However, she will pee like 3x outside only to come in and immediately pee like 5 more times. It's driving us crazy! Sometimes she'll paw at the door the same time she's peeing. I thought maybe she has a bladder infection but she's on antibiotics and I've noticed no change. We've limited her water intake to 15 min every 3 hours (per vet suggestion) but that doesn't seem to help either. Help!! Any advise???
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    puppy peeing problems

    I love it when I find I'm not the only one! My Mia will be 15 weeks this Thursday and we have the same issue. She seems to have an unlimited tank of pee just holstered and ready to go at all times. We live in NYC and luckily have a balcony so she runs to the door to be let out and will pee. It was SO exciting when this became a habit of hers, but she still will go outside and pee, then ask to be let back inside and 5 minutes later there she goes on the carpet. Our trainer claims she shouldn't have to pee so much and suggested she has a UTI but I think she's just a puppy and this is what they do. Maybe this is more particular to Bernese? She is my first of the breed so can't speak to that from prior experience. From what I read, Bernese can take up to a year to be fully housetrained (someone please tell me this isn't true!).

    If you catch Maggie peeing indoors, interrupt her stream and take her outside. if she continues to pee, get excited and say "good girl" and give her a treat. you can use a "Potty" or "Bathroom" to reinforce why she's getting the treat and over time I hear the problem will go away. I suspect she knows she should go outside but maybe it's just really fun to go indoors also?

    We also cut off Mia's water 2 hours before bedtime so have less to no accidents at night. Also we're using the crate more often. she never pees in her crate and we take her outside right before, and right after crating her.

    If this isn't "helpful" as replies go, I at least hope you'll take comfort in knowing we feel for you and you aren't the only one. and let me know if you figure out a method that actually works!

    Also - Mia will only sometimes stick to a wee wee pad. but our trainer has suggested we don't keep them around when we're home because we don't want her going inside at all and shouldn't therefore give her a spot. I leave her with pooch pads during the day when we're at work because she inevitable shreds and eats the wee wee's.

    Oh puppies....
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    My Jetta will be 15 weeks on Saturday and we've had the same problem! I was also wondering if she had a UTI because she only pees little amounts sometimes which I find odd! Someone suggested to me that maybe she gets distracted while she's peeing and forgets to finish, and that's why it's such small amounts! As for interrupting her in mid stream, we've definitely tried that one, and it was a no go for us, if you bang on the floor or make a sound to startle her, she'll look you dead in the eye and continue to pee! She's not scared of anything to be honest. As for picking her up to try to stop her from peeing? Yeah right!!! I don't know how many times I've been peed on. Lol
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    Hi there,

    Check for signs of Systitus (sorry if the spelling is wrong) BMD' s are susceptible to this and it can cause problems if not quickly sorted. Once diagnosed this can be treated very quickly and then two cranberry tablets a day will keep it away.
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    My Berner is only 9 weeks old, which I know is very young, but we are working on house training her and she does the very same thing! Piddles 2-3 times outside successfully, comes in and then piddles on the floor-looking right at us! Looks like it will be a long road, but she's just so dang cute!!

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