What to put on bottom of crate?

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  1. Emstreet

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    Hi everyone, we brought our Berner puppy, Mila, home last week. She is nine weeks today, super adorable and lovely! We have not yet left her alone and we need to start. We have a crate, and have been feeding her in there and giving her special treats to have her go in the crate happily, and she will stay in there happily (while we're home and in sight, anyway). We tried lining the crate with a blanket - too hot and she didn't like it. We tried a bath mat - she peed on it. Another thin bath mat - also peed and then tried to chew it up. We had a trainer advise us to just leave the crate bottom uncovered (it is plastic). Mila seems ok with this, but just wondering what other people line the bottom of the crate with. We want her to be comfortable there when we start leaving her alone (it has to happen sometime!). Any other tips for having her love the crate would be welcome! Thanks!
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    We use the Kong dog bed but the crate we bought had a divider so that we could make the crate interior small when we brought her home at 9 weeks of age. As she grew we enlarged the interior area. She never peed inside her crate. House broken in two days. She is a very smart Berner.
  3. Emstreet

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    Thanks for the reply! I will look into the Kong bed. Impressive that your puppy took to the crate so well. Did she whine and complain in the beginning ? I feel like Mila is always going to hate it , and I don't know if I just need to persist... Thanks for the response!
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    We tried a bed, towel, and blanket. But Juneau prefers the plastic liner that came with the crate. I think it is cooler and he has been sleeping through the night since we left it empty. We did put a towel under the tray so it doesn't make as much noise.

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