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    So Lexi is 4 months and a half. She sleeps in her crate in my room at night. Here is the thing... My room is on the second floor and has carpet. We have placed the crate by the a/c trap. Now that its getting a little cooler at night the a/c doesn't go on anymore.

    She keeps my husband and I awake all night by her panting.

    She has a crate in the basement too for when we leave so she is some place cool.

    She is always going in the basement to sleep on the floor during the day and when its time to go to bed she runs in the basement crate its kind of bright of her but we make her come sleep in our room.

    Here is my question...I know berners want to be with us and I want her to be with us too
    Do you think I could try making her sleep in the basement at night so that we can all get a good night sleep? I personally think she would looovvve to thats where she always is but I feel weird about it.

    Do you think this crazy panting phase will get better? My gsd use to breath loud as a pup and it got better and eventually stopped but he wasn't panting out of his mind.

    *please note she has no medical condition and gets water and its not stress either etc

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    So I figured this one on my own too.
    We kept her in our room and we put earplugs in our ears.
    She got over the panting after two weeks.
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    I have heard of people putting fans near the crate so cool air can blow into the crate. I think the fan would keep me up more then her panting.:rolleyes:

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