Worried about Puppy weight..

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    Hi there,

    We are picking up our first Bernese in a couple of days as he will be 8 weeks old. Our breeder has been in touch with us today as they have just been to the vet and has told us the weight of our puppy is currently 7lb / 3kg. Looking around at advice regarding Bernese pups that seem on the small side, in fact we've not heard of any smaller! We are worried something doesn't seem quite right? Can any one please offer us some advice?

    We have had plenty of dogs before, most recently just a mut but previously a German Shepard who was much bigger at 8 weeks. Everything from the vet says he is healthy. He's from a litter of 8, all of the others are similar size, he's not the biggest but certainly not the runt either. Mom and dad are both big dogs with the bitch weighing 56kg and the dog 66kg, and are great looking dogs.

    We are not looking for the biggest Bernese but going with the breed we want a decent sized one hence the choice! Just seems only the really small size at the moment at least..

    Many thanks for your help.
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    Our female was 15.42 lbs at 9 weeks. He seems small but doesn't mean he will always be small. Did they check for any parasites? Some will keep your puppy from getting the proper nutrients.
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    Worried about puppy

    You might find the website bmdinfo.org some help. Under the section for New Dog owners the there is a Puppy Growth chapter in which they describe a typical Berner's maturation by weeks and then months. It answered a lot of questions for me during my puppy's first year. They say a Berner pup generally weighs between 12 and 24 lbs at 8 weeks. My female weighed 22 lbs at 8 weeks, she was typical in her litter, and has grown into a big Berner at 130 lbs. Her vet says she is healthy, just a big Berner.

    Anyway, their individual size doesn't matter as much as their overall health and temperament. As long as your vet says he is healthy and he is as sweet as the rest of the Berners, nothing else matters.:)
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    Berner puppies are strong. They come out to be healthy grown up dogs on their own. But as a responsible dog owner it is your responsibility to provide your puppy well balanced food. Eggs and meat in sufficient quantity should be included in their daily diet. Good food makes Berners more active and stronger.

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